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Weekly Themes

America The Beautiful
Week 1: July 1 – July 5 (Closed Thursday, July 4)
Let’s celebrate the red, white, and blue with a Fourth of July birthday extravaganza! Learn about our nation from our roots to the “melting pot” we are now. Explore the beauty and wonder that makes our country great.

Mad Scientist
Week 2: July 8 – July 12
Release your inner Dr. Frankenstein. Design and create your own scientific experiment, propose an outlandish idea, and put your theories to the test.

Out of this World
Week 3: July 15 – July 19
Explore the galaxy and all its many wonders. Prepare to voyage to different planets in search of alien life. Space suits on…buckle up…5…4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

Spy School
Week 4: July 22 – July 26
You have been recruited. Your mission is classified. Use your training to stop the enemy. Search for clues, find fingerprints, and crack codes. Solve the mysteries and earn your Secret Agent ID.

Animal Planet
Week 5: July 29 – August 2
Spots, stripes, and camouflage! Get in touch with your inner animal. Explore animal facts and fun through mask making and puppetry. Participate in acts of kindness for animals in need to help brighten their world.

Color Me Crazy
Week 6: August 5 – August 9
The world is a rainbow and color fun is all around us. Experience color in art, science and our own version of a color run! Don’t forget to bring something to tie-dye!

Superheroes Among Us
Week 7: August 12 – August 16
Test your superhero strength in games and challenges. And don’t forget about our local super heroes, we’ll take some time to celebrate our local police and fire departments, and community helpers.

Game Show Mania
Week 8: August 19 – August 23
Campers, come on down! Participate in activities from popular game shows such as Minute to Win It, Fear Factor, and Double Dare. Join us for fun at the carnival!

The RECC Games
Week 9: August 26 – August 30
Compete in the most exciting, physical, mental, and completely ridiculous challenges ever imagined! Rack up points for your team to become a camp victor, for only one team may win. May the odds be ever in your favor.