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Weekly Themes

Buckets of Fun
Week 1: June 25 – June 29
Start the summer off meeting new friends and exploring the themes of the “bucket filler” books. Learn how to create your own happiness and spread joy to others. We’ll decorate our own journals and reflect on our impact on the world and others.

America The Beautiful
Week 2: July 2 – July 6
**Closed Wednesday, July 4
Let’s celebrate the red, white, and blue with a Fourth of July birthday extravaganza! Learn about our nation from our roots to the “melting pot” we are now. Explore the beauty and wonder that makes our country great.

Winter Wonderland
Week 3: July 9 – July 13
It’s time to beat the July heat. Let’s escape to a winter wonderland. Build a sandman at the beach! Learn how to make ice cream. Experiment with different recipes to create your own snow in the middle of summer.

The Time Tunnel:  Traveling Through The Decades
Week 4: July 16 – July 20
Travel through the decades with music, dance, fashion, popular culture, and food. Experience the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, and then pick your favorite act for the annual camp talent show.

Once Upon A Time:  Fairy tales, Legends, & Myths
Week 5: July 23 – July 27
Explore fairy tales, legends, myths and more! Discover the classics or create your own, whatever your heart desires. Use puppets, writing, acting, and drawing. The dreams that you dream may come true!

Mad Scientist
Week 6: July 30 – August 3
Release your inner Dr. Frankenstein. Design and create your own scientific experiment, propose an outlandish idea, and put your theories to the test.

Changing The World:  Making a Difference
Week 7: August 6 – August 10
Learn how one person can make a difference – YOU! From taking care of our earth to giving back to the community, this week is all about making a difference. No act is too big or too small.

Superheroes Among Us
Week 8: August 13 – August 17
Test your super-hero strength in games and challenges. And don’t forget about our local super heroes, we’ll take some time to celebrate our local police and fire departments, and community helpers.

The RECC Games
Week 9: August 20 – August 24
Compete in the most exciting, physical, mental, and completely ridiculous challenges ever imagined! Rack up points for your team to become a camp victor, for only one team may win. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Acts of Kindness
Week 10: August 27 – August 29
**Closed Thursday & Friday, August 30 & 31
We have reached the end of summer camp! Reflect on our adventures, celebrate the summer, and the friendships made. Extend a helping hand and a smile. Feel good that you made a difference and learned some new things along the way.