450 Kimber Road, Syracuse NY 13224

Specialized Choices

Acts of Kindness:  Choose an organization in need and spend the week making something to donate.

All-American Sports: Play sports that have originated in the U.S. like football, baseball, and basketball.

Bucket Fillers: Think of ways to help others and spread kindness throughout camp and the community.

Clay Sculpture: Create anything from jewelry to animals to pottery.

Costume Design: Learn simple sewing skills to design and make your own pieces.

Dance: Experience different types of dance, movement, and music.

Drawing: Explore different media to draw with, and learn basic composition and techniques.

Engineering: Create your own structures using blocks, Legos®, and recycled materials.

Friendship Bracelets: Create colorful bracelets with a variety of knotting techniques.

Free Swim

Gardening: Get your hands in the dirt when you help weed, water, and harvest produce to benefit a local food bank.

Languages: Learn words and phrases from different countries and cultures around the world.

Music: Listen to different kinds of music, and learn how to sing and play along.

Obstacle Course: Run, jump, and throw! Design, set up, and race through your own obstacle course challenge.

Painting: Explore different types of paint as well as different methods and styles.

Photography: Explore the medium of photography through traditional film and digital cameras.

Science of Snow: Experiment with various temperatures and materials to make “snow.” Observe the snow’s reactions and changes.

Scientific Method: Hypothesize, test your theories, and track your results.

Superhero Strength: Test your strength and explore the science of movement.

Trivia: Test the strength of your mind with a variety of games and challenges.

Video: Learn the basics of videography such as setting up equipment, writing scripts, and shooting footage.